Facebook You VS. Employee You: Where's the line?

Boss Friendly

Your boss just friended you and to be clear, you're far from being BFFs anytime in the near future. You're hesitant to even let them know what you did last weekend because you want to appear professional and hard-working (work hard / play hard can be achieved by the talented few). You don't want to jeopardize your reputation at work and this Facebook friendship could blow the whole thing. You also wonder if this request it their low-key attempt to snoop on your business outside of the office... we've thought that before.

Our advice: good luck and keep that LinkedIn profile fresh! Let us know how this turns out for ya! Kidding... we have some answers that can offer you peace of mind but there are some postings we just can't fix for you. You know deep down that if you're scrambling to login onto to your profiles right now, as you're reading this, because you're frantic that specific spring break content may not be fully appropriate for you boss to know, that you may have some social media spring cleaning to do. At the end of the day, you're the only one who can decipher the "must-deletes" and the "this-isn't-that-bad" photos. This is a worthy topic to explore though, especially as many of us have been active on social media since we created our first Myspace accounts (that top 8 though). Today, people are asking themselves if their boss would approve of their postings, especially if you're thriving in a full on post-college mode on weekends.

How much is too much when it comes to sharing your life on your social channels? You want to be your authentic self. You want to keep your friends and family in the loop with your trips to Lake Havasu, your late nights fueled by Sake, your impromptu road trips to a different state and you may even want to be posting about your personal faith. But without accepting your boss' friend request, he/she would never be exposed to any of this about. Does your boss even need to know any of this about you? Accepting his/her friend request just opens the flood gates to letting them into your inner-sphere.

Our advice: you don't have to accept the friend request. It can wait and your boss is not entitled to know every last detail about you. You're at your workplace for a good reason and you're obviously the one for the job. A Facebook request shouldn't hinder your performance. Also, if you do feel the pressure to accept, you can be confident in who you are and your boss should not be able to evaluate your work performance based on your social media channels. That would be unethical. But please, do yourself a favor and delete the bikini profile photo and envision what a stranger would immediately collect from you based on your postings. Is your content solely based on alcohol? Does your content perpetuating negative stigmas? Hateful language? Crude words?

Yeah those probably should never be on your social profiles... but if that's the true authentic self you want to portray to the world, be our guest.

From one newly hired millennial to the next,

Keep on posting but keep it classy!


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